Your contribution to ESTHER THE WONDER PIG is greatly appreciated! It sure takes a lot of time and funds to keep the Esther household afloat. Your kindness will help to feed the household brigade and keep them in tip-top health. Esther The Wonder Pig (“ETWP”) is not a registered charity.

We appreciate all donations. If you prefer to send a cheque directly to us, please make it out to: Derek Walter, Steve Jenkins, or ETWP Inc. Thank you for your love and support.

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How Does Your Donation Help?

Your donation will:
- help keep Esther’s messages and kindness online for the world to see
- pay for Esther’s specific healthcare needs
- pay for any of Esther’s needs
- cover the medical care for the companion animals in the house
- pay for internet service, utilities and phone bills

We have both given up our full-time careers to bring Esther to you and the world 24/7. THANK YOU for helping us keep the ball rolling! We will continue to show the world just how loving, caring, and kind all animals are.

With much love and respect,
Steve and Derek