Esther the Wonder Pig - Paperback Book

Esther the Wonder Pig - Paperback Book


Esther the Wonder Pig - 1st Book

Hardcover Book - C$31.50; Paperback Book - C$ 19.49


In the summer of 2012, Steve Jenkins was contacted by an old friend about adopting a micro piglet. Though he knew his partner, Derek Walter, wouldn't be enthusiastic, he agreed to take the adorable little pig anyway. Little did he know, that decision would change his and Derek's lives forever. It turned out there was nothing micro about Esther, and Steve and Derek had signed on to raise a full-sized commercial pig. Within three years, tiny Esther grew to a whopping 600 pounds. After some real growing pains and a lot of pig sized messes, it became clear that Esther needed much more space, so Steve and Derek made another life-changing decision: They bought a farm and opened Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, where they could care for Esther and rescue other animals in need.

Funny, heartwarming, and utterly charming, ESTHER THE WONDER PIG follows Steve and Derek's adventure from reluctant pig parents, to farm owning advocates for animals.

Personally, autographed by Steve Jenkins, Derek Walter & Esther dainty Hoof
Non-Fiction, Hardcover & Paperback 224 Pages.
Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Includes color photo insert, and selection of "Esther Approved" recipes.

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